Environmental Auditors

Concert / Premiere


Schlossbergbahn, Talstation

musikprotokoll 2013

Production specifics

Auftragswerk musikprotokoll & Insomnia (Tromsø)

ECAS working period 3 „Ubiquitous Art and Music“

When everyday life invades music: eight musicians, eight environmental auditors from Austria and Norway invite visitors to listen very carefully when their instruments join in the orchestra of ambient environmental sounds, improvising freely and focusing on the current auditory experience. This forms the starting point for a series of short concerts on the Schloßberg hill, at different sounding locations. Detached from the context of common performance practice in the concert hall, music becomes amenable to a new experience. The ÖNCZkekvist project gave rise to an active exchange between the Austrian and Norwegian improvisation scene, an exchange that is now boosted by and continued together with the ECAS partner festival Insomnia in Tromsø.

Konzept / Idee: Susanna Niedermayr
Konzept / Idee: Christian Hollingsaeter
Komponistin / Komponist: Daniel Lercher
Sängerin / Sänger: Agnes Hvizdalek
Musikerin / Musiker: Danielle Dahl
Musikerin / Musiker: Rosi Rehformen
Musikerin / Musiker: Rudolf Terland Bjornerem
Musikerin / Musiker: Vinzenz Schwab
Musikerin / Musiker: Nasra Ali Omar
Musikerin / Musiker: Simon Daniel Tegnander