Trio Zebra
Konzert Trio Zebra




musikprotokoll 2013

Production specifics
In Zusammenarbeit mit Ö1 ist die Komposition von Wen Liu der erstmals vergebene „Emil Breisach musikprotokoll Kompositionsauftrag“

Violin, viola, cello. Ernst Kovacic, Steven Dann and Anssi Karttunen. Trio Zebra. Despite the fact that no two zebras are alike, as every stripe pattern is unique, a group of zebras gives the impression of a single organism. This merging of their peculiarities allows them to make a strong collective impression on lions, leopards, hyenas and the audience. However, what is probably the zebra’s most important characteristic is its refusal to be controlled by public opinion. Zebras are the only horses never to have been domesticated. They are simply too stubborn. Could we carry all this new music into the world without having somewhat similar tendencies? To make an impression on lions, leopards, hyenas and the audience is the aim of the Zebra trio, with a finely woven programme whose consistent concert dramaturgy intermeshes a wide range of individual sound languages of current composers with filigree trio miniatures by Anton Webern.

Komponistin / Komponist: Friedrich Cerha
Komponistin / Komponist: Anton Webern
Komponistin / Komponist: Miroslav Srnka
Komponistin / Komponist: Kaija Saariaho
Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Trio Zebra
Musikerin / Musiker: Ernst Kovacic
Musikerin / Musiker: Steven Dann
Musikerin / Musiker: Anssi Karttunen