Federico León / Martin Rejtman
Entrenamiento Elemental para Actores

Film screening, Discussion


Ex-Zollamt / Explosiv

Kaffee, Kuchen, Kino

Three special premières are set to bill on the Sunday cinema afternoons at Explosiv, with the directors, protagonists and topics of the films screening all closely linked to the festival. Federico León, for instance, whose comedy “Entrenamiento Elemental para Actores”, co-directed with Martín Rejtman, is screening on the first Sunday, with his big generational tableau “Las Multitudes” premièring at the Helmut-List-Halle two weeks later. Or the three Slovenian artists who decided in 2007 to assume the name of the then Slovenian prime minister, as documented in the film “My Name Is Janez Janša”. They had their first joint appearance at steirischer herbst 2008. The third film is specially themed for the Conference – Francesco Jodice’s disconcerting documentation “Dubai_Citytellers” about modern slavery in Dubai.

The directors will always be in attendance and will be available for discussion after the performance in a genuine cinema atmosphere.

Regie: Federico León
Regie: Martin Rejtman