Workshop 1: Der Tod als ästhetisches Instrument

Geschichte, Techniken und Verwendungsweisen von Electronic Voice Phenomena

Workshop / Animation


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Konzert Michael Esposito & Carl Michael von Hausswolff im Rahmen der Reihe Auditory Thresholds
Carl Michael von Hausswolff in der Ausstellung: Hauntings – Ghost Box Media

Festivaldistrikt: Bar, Mariahilferstraße

herbst-Akademie 2011

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronic noises in the air, resembling speech – stray radio transmissions, background noises for example. Are they sounds from another world? The artists Michael Esposito and Carl Michael von Hausswolff are two of the most renowned experts in this area, who have been researching and working artistically with EVP for many years. Together with the sound healer and psychic medium Heidi Harman, in this workshop they not only have a close look at the history of such phenomena from the spiritistic séances of the 19th century to the high tech expeditions of today, but they also work practically and theoretically on questions of recording environments with their parallel ghost worlds of sounds. How to process, identify, isolate and clean EVP captured on space specific location recordings? What characteristics do they have? What are their aesthetic and artistic qualities? And how do they relate to the sonic landscape of our world in the past, present and future?

Konzept / Idee: Michael Esposito
Konzept / Idee: Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Heidi Harman