Eszter Salamon
Tales Of The Bodiless

Musical Fiction Without Science

Dance / Ballet / Austrian premiere


In englischer Sprache
Talk im Anschluss an die 2. Vorstellung


Production specifics

Produktion Botschaft Gbr (Berlin) & extrapole

Koproduktion steirischer herbst, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brüssel), Ircam / Les Spectacles Vivants – Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tanz im August 2011 (Berlin), Pact Zollverein (Essen), Kampnagel (Hamburg) & Les Subsistances (Lyon)

Mit Unterstützung durch Kaaitheater (Brüssel), Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk), Q-02 (Brüssel) & PAF (St. Erme)

Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Kopräsentation NXTSTP, unterstützt durch das Kulturprogramm der Europäischen Union

How can you get out of your body? Can you leave it for a while? Can you take a vacation from it? How long can you stay out of yourself, without losing it all together? “Tales Of The Bodiless” explores a condition that is hard to imagine: a world without human bodies, without matter. This journey into an uncertain future consists of four situations. Four worlds in which bodies lose themselves in very different ways, turning into foam or moor, becoming one with the landscape, crumbling into colourful dust. Humans evaporate in the memory of the species that survives them.

Eszter Salamon, who billed at steirischer herbst 2008 for the first time with her duo “Dance #1 / Driftworks”, widens her already broad idea of what choreography is, embarking on a journey through regions of palpable sensuousness: dynamic compositions of voices, sound, light and space. Bodiless voices around us sink, dissolve, urgent and aggressive, joyful, ecstatic. Hearing overpowers seeing, theatre attempts to disappear into immateriality.

“Tales Of The Bodiless” not only crosses the line between different genres. But also between a conceptual understanding of choreography, that relies above all on reflection and analysis, and theatre that seeks to absorb us completely in a shared, sensory experience. Both converge here, as a form of art that does not dictate, but rather confronts us with an expansive space of what is possible and impossible.

Autorin / Autor, Text: Eszter Salamon
Konzept / Idee: Eszter Salamon
Autorin / Autor, Text: Bojana Cvejic
Konzept / Idee: Eszter Salamon
Musik: Cédric Dambrain
Musik: Terre Thaemlitz
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Eszter Salamon
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Sasa Asentic
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Johan Leysen
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Jan Ritsema
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Bojana Cvejic
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Joanna Bailie
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Terre Thaemlitz
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Tracee Westmoreland
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Chrysa Parkinson
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Gérald Kurdian
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Michael Schmidt
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Ragna Aurich
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Eleanor Bauer
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Polina Akhmetzyanova
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Sayaka Kaiwa
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Bérengère Bodin
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Patricia Barakat
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: David Helbich