Die Krise der Gleichheit


Film screening


Mo 28.9., 19.30 – The revolution will not be televised
Richard Serra (USA) „Television Delivers People“ 1973, 5’
Zbigniew Rybczynski (PL) „Mein Fenster“ 1979, 2’ 33’’
Antoni Muntadas, Marshall Reese (E/USA) „Political Advertisement (1952-2008)“ 2008, 75’
telewissen (D) „documenta der Leute“ 1972, 30’
Maria Vedder (D) „Pal oder Never the Same Color“ 1988, 6‘
Mo 5.10., 19.30 – Looking closer
Shelly Silver (USA) „1“ 2001, 3’
Helke Sander, Harun Farocki (D) „Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure“ 1967/68, 48’
Jeroen Kooijmans (NL) „Lost Recording“ 2006, 2’
Martha Rosler (USA) „A Simple Case for Torture“ 1983, 62’
Mo 12.10., 19.30 – I love my God
Dan Graham (USA) „Rock My Religion“ 1982-1984, 55’
Köken Ergun (TR/NL) „The Flag“ 2006, 9’
Shahram Enthekabi (IR/D) „Happy Meal“ 2004, 12’
Neil Beloufa (F) „Kempinski“ 2007, 14’

Festivalzentrum im Orpheum

Production specifics
Mit Unterstützung durch arsenal – institut für film und videokunst (Berlin), Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen (Berlin), Electronic Arts Intermix (New York), Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam), Video Data Bank (Chicago) & ZBIG VISION (Los Angeles)

Are we living in an age of equality, of social mobility, diverse possibilities and options, but also, consequently, in a system of infinite interrelations? But then what models should one follow? The oft-cited war of civilisations contrasts with rhetoric of tolerant multiculturalism that in some cases degenerate into parodies of pluralism. So are we really divided by certain values and lifestyles that are not equally valid for everyone? But where are these values produced and circulated, now that the grand narratives have come to an end and mass media’s social control of modernity has demised?

“The Crisis of Equality” presents examples of video works since 1967 in which the role of violence, the relationship of social movements and media, the role of information and messages, of participation and pop culture become the focal topics and thus the discourses that decide as to the validity of ideas, values and lifestyles.

Kuratorin / Kurator: Maria Morata
Kuratorin / Kurator: Reinhard Braun