Grundrechtstag 2009: Körper-Codes

Moderne Medizin, individuelle Handlungsfreiheiten und die Grundrechte

Lecture, Convention


Mi 30.9., 15.00 - 17.30

Festivalzentrum im Orpheum

Production specifics
Eine Veranstaltung der Vereinigung der österreichischen Richterinnen und Richter, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz & Universität Wien

In Kooperation mit steirischer herbst

Medicine and biotechnology have dramatically extended the individual’s possibilities of action: Prenatal testing, for example, can detect diseases and disabilities in the earliest stages of life, thus requiring parents to decide whether to have a child nevertheless. The freedom to choose, of course, is often accompanied by the uncertainty as to which decision is the right one. Morality is increasingly failing to offer guidance in this respect, as it has become pluralistic and now vies with other religious and ideological positions. Legal systems too have yet to find “generally valid” solutions for these complex situations, which often go beyond national borders.

The interdisciplinary Fundamental Rights Day focuses experience from medical and legal practice, revealing unresolved legal and political questions and presenting possible answers from the viewpoint of fundamental rights.

Kuratorin / Kurator: Christian Kopetzki
Kuratorin / Kurator: Magdalena Pöschl
Kuratorin / Kurator: Mia Wittmann-Tiwald
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Stefan Huster
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Friedhelm Hufen
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Barbara Duden
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Christian Kopetzki