Federico León
Yo en el futuro (Ich in der Zukunft)

Theater / Austrian premiere


In spanischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln
Talk im Anschluss an die 2. Vorstellung
Samstag 10.10.2009
Filmvorführung Estrellas
Regie: Federico León & Marcos Martinez

Festivalzentrum im Orpheum

Production specifics

Koproduktion steirischer herbst, Complejo Teatral (Buenos Aires), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brüssel), HAU (Berlin) & Festival delle Colline Torinesi (Turin)

Mit Unterstützung durch Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires

In the fifties, a group of children shot a series of small experimental super-8 films in order to watch them together at some time in the future. In the seventies, these children formed a group of young adults working in the field of performance, theatre and film. Today they are around seventy years old and they get a group of children and young adults to re-enact the films from times gone by.

With great poetic and visual force, the young Argentinean theatre- and film-maker Federico León transforms what sounds like a complex, perhaps even stand-offish theatrical experiment into a sophisticated picture puzzle that allows us to penetrate times and characters, reality and film until, finally, the auditorium itself becomes part of his fiction.

Many Argentinean cinemas still have little stages in front of the screen; a remnant from the fifties when they were used for short live acts of a wide range of different – often unemployed – variety artists (from Flamenco dancers to magicians to organists or dog trainers) before the film itself was shown: A policy of the Peronist government to allow artists to earn a living.

León uses these acts as the starting point of a story of three periods in the lives of two women and a man, shown simultaneously on stage: “Me in the future” is an astonishing generation mirror game with how the past impacts on the present and how the present re-invents the past.

Regie: Federico León
Konzept / Idee: Marianela Portillo
Konzept / Idee: Julián Tello
Konzept / Idee: Jimena Anganuzzi
Konzept / Idee: Esteban Sánchez Lamothe
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Jimena Anganuzzi
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Elisabeth Bagnes
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Oscar Mariano Grilli
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Esteban Sánchez Lamothe
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Isabella Ghiara Longhitano
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Dina Minster
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Marianela Portillo
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Belén Abril Pulvirenti
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Federico Rosenzvaig
Kostüme: Valentina Bari
Bühnenbild, Ausstattung, Raumgestaltung: Ariel Vaccaro
Lichtregie: Guillermo Nieto
Lichtregie: Alejandro Le Roux
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Adrian Lakerman