Workshop I Verwandtschaft und andere Monstrositäten

Verwandtschaft und andere Monstrositäten

Workshop / Animation


In englischer Sprache

Festivalzentrum, Karmeliterplatz

herbst-Akademie 2007

How do we claim artistic interest in a time when "normal" life seems to be more and more aestheticised and art more and more contingent or every-day-like. Antigone as a myth, a failed hero, a theatrical figure and a cultural political concept will be the starting cloth of our workshop. Her "I say I did do it and I don't deny it" testifies a possible language of performance that formulates itself on the border of a withdrawal of action and of staying political by resistingly living the desire for death. The name „Antigone“ is constructed as anti-generation and she figures the limits of intelligibility exposed at the limits of kinship.

Together with the workshop participants material will be collected, cross-read and processed that tackles the myth of Antigone, the problematics of kinship, the politics of representing

(or creating) monsters in our society, the functionalities of terror in a capitalistic world, the precarious relation between death, incest, family and suicide.

Together we will start our working method of Reformulation based on the already individually collected material. In a circular structure we initiate processes of formulation, rendering, reformulation, passing on and giving up. In the end we will come up with individual projects without a fixed authorship that can be worked out further. The idea of giving up and passing on is a central concept of our workshops. The participants experience through the giving up of authorship a possible difference of individual and shared reference within the frame of always also socially sharable and communicatable aesthetical processes.

Konzept / Idee: Kattrin Deufert
Konzept / Idee: Thomas Plischke
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Jeroen Peeters
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Katharina Pewny
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Marcus Steinweg