Ein virtuelles Tagebuch

Internet project



They are diarists and writers-in-residence, minute-takers and observers. They note, sketch, photograph and draw. They formulate passing thoughts - topical today and stale tomorrow. They observe themselves and others, negotiate public and private affairs. They record and invent, think up stories and reflect on reality. They are always subjective. They work with familiar means and come up against the conditions of the new medium.

The result, by degrees, is a multidimensional, virtual diary, a notebook or sketchbook, a demo tape. A map, a virtual card index. Throw-aways, left-overs. Sequels, new beginnings. The remains of the day.

Four artists travel to Graz, where they each keep a diary on the Net for one week: a performer and author from Sheffield (Tim Etchells/Forced Entertainment), a visual artist and an author from Vienna (Constantin Luser and Rosa Pock), a playwright from Belgrade (Milena Markovic). Their notes, however, begin far earlier, on April 19, 2006, after which they are supplemented every once in a while and finally condensed in the festival - thus becoming an arbitrary prehistory, a fragmented parallel world and a literary continuation of steirischer herbst.

Autorin / Autor, Text: Tim Etchells
Autorin / Autor, Text: Constantin Luser
Autorin / Autor, Text: Milena Markovic
Autorin / Autor, Text: Rosa Pock
Herausgeberin / Herausgeber: Erik Altorfer