Timm Ringewaldt

Presentation, Film screening



Festival always implies absence, something just seen and still not grasped, a wish to see it again, something ephemerous and fleeting, here today and there tomorrow. The installative documentation of the "Praxiskop" provides a pictorial commentary, observes, informs, archives and shows off. What has been, what is to come? Who was there, where was I? On monitors in the festival centre, at the venues, in the city, here and there, the "Praxiskop" is a modular video programme in progress, always new, always more.

But “Praxiskop” by Berlin media artist Timm Ringewaldt is also live and a performance in itself: it emerges visibly and in analogue form, as it were, on an animation stand in the festival centre. Everyone can take part and become part of the programme themselves. On the one hand, this is a reminiscence of early moving pictures – the name being derived from the Zoopraxiscope, a precursor of the film projector, and Skop, a Germanic story-teller – while at the same time it is continually in search of the present. Thus it pursues past and present at once, providing a documentation on the run.

Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Timm Ringewaldt