Concert / Premiere


Dom im Berg

musikprotokoll 2021

Production specifics
In cooperation with SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe
Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union
Lukas König is a SHAPE Artist 2021.

The incredibly versatile drummer and multi-instrumentalist Lukas König feels at home in a wide variety of genres: his artistic oeuvre ranges from jazz to new and electronic music to pop and rap—constantly forging new and surprising links. In recent years, sound exploration has played an increasingly important role, both in König’s solo work as well as with his improvisation trio MOPCUT, who came together for a performance at Donaufestival in 2018. König joined forces with vocal performer, cellist, and electronic musician Audrey Chen and guitarist Julien Desprez, two artists who both make a strong impression with their pronounced individual sonic language and powerful stage performances.

Selecting the best musical moments from an intensive four-day recording session leading up to their first performance, König ultimately put together MOPCUT’s first album, Accelerated Frames of Reference. The trio’s second album, JITTER, was created in the same way last year, and now serves as the musical basis for the new live set. First, the musicians’ free play is channeled into prestructured trajectories. And laser artist Bernhard Rasinger, aka BR Laser, translates the music—sometimes mysteriously swirling, then ecstatic and eruptive once again—into dancing light. 

Music: Audrey Chen, Julien Desprez, and Lukas König
Lasers: Bernhard Rasinger