Theater im Bahnhof
Bares für Wahres
(You Tell, We Buy)

Indoor flea market with stories

Commissioned work


7.10., 17:30–19:00
8.10., 14:00–15:30
Collection facility open

9.10., 10.10., 14:00–18:00
Bares für Wahres—Market

10.10., 18:00
Bares für Wahres—Gala

Helmut List Halle

Production specifics
Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’21

Produced by Theater im Bahnhof in coproduction with steirischer herbst ’21

As a grand finale to steirischer herbst ’21, the new production by Theater im Bahnhof stages a flea market and TV-like performance, inspired by a popular reality TV show. The Bares für Wahres—Gala on Sunday night will be also available as a live stream. 

Bares für Rares, literally “Cash for Rarities,” is an entertaining program on German television. Guests bring along used objects and antiquities for appraisal and to eventually sell them. In often awkward interactions, host Horst Lichter asks his guests to tell stories about objects they’ve brought along, only to cut them off rudely. Inspired by this apparent lack of interest Theater im Bahnhof provides a space for exactly those stories, shifting the focus from the material to the sentimental value of things.

By weaving complex narratives about objects and their owners into a multilayered performance, they comment on the parallel economy of used goods with surprising stories of provenance in a precarious reality. Both the objects and their stories are collected at a flea market held on the festival’s last weekend punctuated by narrative and theatrical interventions. The weekend culminates in a gala presenting a somewhat direct parody of the TV format, bluntly satirical and poetic at once.

Team: Juliette Eröd, Rupert Lehofer, Johanna Hierzegger, Beatrix Brunschko, and the TiB ensemble
Costumes and props​: Georg Klüver-Pfandtner
Video: Stefan Schmid, AV Baby​
Sound: Herwig Thelen
Stagecraft: Moke Klengel
Lights: Tom Bergner
Direction: Ed. Hauswirth, Monika Klengel
Production: Sebastian Sprenger (sh), Lukas Kaiser (sh), Lena Rucker (TiB)