Reni Hofmüller / Valentina Vuksic
Radio Cyborg Transmitter

Concert, Performance / Premiere


8.10., 18:00

esc medien kunst labor

musikprotokoll 2020

Production specifics
Concept: Reni Hofmüller

The compositions by Reni Hofmüller and Valentina Vuksic were commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll

A project of esc medien kunst labor in the context of Graz Kulturjahr 2020

“It was not radio that had waited for the public, but the public who waited for radio.” (Bertolt Brecht)

Digital broadcasting formats and technologies such as online streaming are changing the way we deal with the medium of radio. Radio is no longer associated with the idea of a physical apparatus, but— similar to other technologies—has become mobile, personalized, and “wearable.” This is not only reflected in the large number of Internet radio stations and podcast platforms, but also addressed in the theoretical reflection on radio art. Radio art is perceived as a hybrid field within media art, in which different media, modes of action, aesthetics and perceptual attitudes converge. In this way, radio, akin to today’s human being, is turned into a “cyborg,” a being that unites heterogeneous technologies and realities in one body.

The radio cyborgs further develop this notion of a hybrid radio as part of public space and explore possibilities that concretely arise in Graz’s urban space. This includes constructing their own infrastructure as a space of implementation and possibilities, in which sending and receiving radio signals to and from public space is made possible in a wireless and mobile way: through a Radio Cyborg Transmitter. What role does the sonic environment play for our self-image as individuals, as a group, as part of a city? And where, in Peter Sloterdijk’s terminology, do personal sound-spaces (sonospheres) meet in our collective sound environment (sonotope)?