Aloïs Yang & Andreas Trobollowitsch / Rojin Sharafi / Thomas Grill
Hidden Dome

Concert / Premiere


8.10., 19:30

Dom im Berg

Part of
musikprotokoll 2020

Production specifics
In cooperation with SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe

Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union

Aloïs Yang and Rojin Sharafi are SHAPE Artists 2020

Andreas Trobollowitsch was a SHAPE Artist 2017

With Noise Shaping, Thomas Grill provides an insight into the Rotting Sounds research project, which deals with the transience of digital sound in a social, technological, and temporal context. One central research topic is the representation of sound as a 1-bit data stream, which spans a bridge between digital and analog signals. The term noise shapingstands for the voluminous background noise that is used as a carrier for the sounds concealed in it.

Aloïs Yang and Andreas Trobollowitsch harness mechanically created sounds in a complex digital feedback system, using natural substances and performative measurements of space as well as found objects.

In her piece, the Iran-born artist Rojin Sharafi, who has been living in Austria for some years now, deals with “cultural hegemony, cultural hybridity, and cultural survival”—those voices that are deliberately suppressed in the struggle for cultural dominance.

The fifty-channel ambisonic sound system of Dom im Berg, for which the three works were commissioned, makes for an immersive sonic experience.