Elektro Guzzi & Ingrid Schmoliner

Concert / Premiere


10.10., 22:30

Helmut List Halle

musikprotokoll 2020

Techno, played masterfully with a guitar, bass, and drums— with this unique musical concept Elektro Guzzi delighted audiences in Austria and abroad in the early 2000s. Over the years, the trio gradually expanded its musical spectrum, added more and more effect devices and synthesizers, and cooperated with many artists, including, for instance, Yoruba Percussion and the three trombonists Hilary Jeffery, Daniel Riegler, and Martin Ptak.

For their project with the pianist Ingrid Schmoliner, which premieres at musikprotokoll 2020, Elektro Guzzi looks inward. The band intentionally does not use electronic instruments and instead explores the unique sound of guitar, bass, and drums with diverse preparations and a special microphone arrangement. Schmoliner, too, works with preparations in her often minimalist music. The piano’s soundboard here acts as a magnifier.

With ELLEGGUA, Bernhard Breuer, Jakob Schneidewind, and Bernhard Hammer forge a link with the time around the turn of the millennium, when more and more acoustic instruments were used as sound generators in electronic music; a time that would ultimately also inspire them to form Elektro Guzzi—and thus a circle closes.