Anna Witt
Skin Front

Video / Commissioned work


1.10., 20:00
Sparkassenpark hinter dem Heimat.Museum im Tabor

3.10., 20:00
OEVERwerk, Rösselmühle

Feldbach, Graz und Paranoia TV

Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

Screening partner Graz: Institut für Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark / OEVERwerk

The pandemic has turned isolation into a shared experience and this has led to a new awareness of the body in its capacity for collective isolation. The new video by Anna Witt explores this experience of physical distance and psychological proximity. It was created during the lockdown, in workshops with an intergenerational group of women from Feldbach and Graz. They convened once every two weeks in virtual meetings to exchange their knowledge on different organs and appendages. The film is a collage of moving, living bodies, capable of an almost “somatic” solidarity despite the ban on physical contact. The video is projected onto the back wall of the Feldbach Tabor, which today houses a local history museum and formerly served as a prison for witches.

In collaboration with Karola Sakotnik, Daniela Adler, Barbara Siegl, Sonja Skalnik, Ilse Wieser, Katharina Rungaldier, Barbara Kasper, Zuzanna Szula, Maria Raidl, Helga Kirchengast, Gabriele Grandl, Andrea Meyer und Sadia Hammonti

Project coordinator Feldbach: Karola Sakotnik
Camera: Caroline Bobek
Sound: Baptiste El Baz
Lights: Jürgen Mayer
Postproduction: Arthur Summereder, Alfred Lenz