Theater im Bahnhof
Die Genehmigung

Video / Commissioned work


3 episodes

Paranoia TV

Production specifics
Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’20

Produced by Theater im Bahnhof in coproduction with steirischer herbst ’20

A former workers’ settlement in the south of Graz: A couple nearing the end of their midlife crisis has agreed to stay together and form a team, even if they no longer have sex. They have been commissioned to stage a theater performance in collaboration with the residents of their housing estate. While the husband desperately tries to come up with a clever text, the wife acts as the production manager and struggles to collect signatures in the neighborhood in order to secure the necessary permits. In the three episodes of this new miniseries, the camera follows the two protagonists through the working and living environment of the settlement with a documentary eye. It portrays their encounters with residents, their efforts to realize their project—and perhaps also the survival of their love in a time of crisis.

By and with: Jacob Banigan, Heike Barnard, Ed. Hauswirth, Benno Hiti, Gabriela Hiti, Monika Klengel, Helmut Köpping, Rupert Lehofer, Christina Romirer, Stefan Schmid, Mario Shehata and the residents of the co-op apartments