Judy Radul
The Graz Mirror

Artist edition / Commissioned work


Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

Cover design: Grupa Ee

Judy Radul’s Graz Mirror is an analog selfie filter for the age of COVID-19. It allows you to avoid self-portraits with masks, to transform boring backgrounds in unusual ways, and to reproduce some of that strange migrainous feeling that accompanies isolation. Entirely in the tradition of the surrealist object, Radul’s mirror is not only a playful reference to the facelessness, narcissism, and lack of reflection of our time, but also an invitation to participate in their deconstruction. You can get your own copy free of charge at the Paranoia TV Headquarters. And don’t forget to post your selfies under the hashtag #grazerspiegel on Facebook or Instagram! A selection appears on the Paranoia TVwebsite during the festival.