Ingo Niermann
Deutsch Süd-Ost

Video / Commissioned work


25 episodes

Paranoia TV

Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

Supported by Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst Basel-Stadt / Basel-Landschaft

White men are on the brink of extinction, and they don’t seem to be having such a bad time. After retreating to a “bastion” in the German Southeast they let their imaginations run wild. Such is the premise of Ingo Niermann’s novel Deutsch Süd-Ost, presented here in 25 episodes by acclaimed actress Mavie Hörbiger.

Niermann’s text is a who-is-who of prominent “last white men”: representatives of the New Right, Reichsbürger, controversial artists, and intellectuals. Inspired by their new sociotope, they develop revolting trends in music, fashion, sex, food, and terrorism, they build “Nazizoos”, attempt to breed an Aryan-Slavic master race and a species above and beyond both man and beast. 

Deutsch Süd-Ost is a tragicomic mental laboratory in which Niermann’s own role as a white man and radicalizations among his own acquaintances are subject to playful experimentation. Right-wing ideology is not consigned to the trash can, but rather processed and prophetically transformed.

Narrated by Mavie Hörbiger
Written and directed by Ingo Niermann
Graphic design: Boah Kim
Collages and drawings: Mad Smells
Documentation Thuringia: Erik Niedling
Camera, Sound, Lights: Kilian Immervoll & Anna Sophia Rußmann
Editing: Tiphanie Mall
Sound mix: Robin Michel
Title music: Hannah Weinberger
Text editing: Rainer Wieland