Nika Dubrovsky und Freunde
Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graeber



Paranoia TV

Up until his tragic and untimely passing, David Graeber was working with his partner, artist Nika Dubrovsky on a project for Paranoia TV and steirischer herbst. This event is now canceled. In its place, Paranoia TV is supporting a worldwide carnival in memory of the deceased anthropologist and activist.

David Graeber died in Venice, a city he often visited. After every trip, he brought back Venetian masks and costumes, because he generally admired the Venetian Carnival. Before it became a tourist commodity, the Venice Carnival constituted a political space of radical democracy. During Carnival, there were no blacks, no whites, no old, no young, no beautiful, no ugly, no poor, no rich. Everyone was a mask. Being a player in the anti-capitalist movements of the nineties and noughties, he knew about the irresistible similarities between the experience of a carnival and an insurrection. It is in this spirit that David Graeber’s friends and comrades are planning a memorial carnival, to be held all over the world. Plans are currently underway for dozens of events including at Zuccotti Park, NY, in Rojava, Korea, and Berlin, in Argentina and on Portobello Road. Paranoia TV is working with Nika Dubrovsky and the memorial carnival’s team to facilitate live coverage of many of these events in a unified video live stream.