Christian von Borries and Jonathan Aner
Das Ende vom Lied

Video / Commissioned work


3 episodes
In German

Paranoia TV

Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

The lockdown has given us plenty of house concerts on Zoom, as amazing musicians offered intimate renditions of classical masterpieces. There wasn’t much talking in the process, especially not about politics. In fact, there is a lot to say about the political dimension of chamber music, beginning with its role as a projective surface for political desire in the 19th century and ending with its status today as decorative entertainment for the bourgeoisie. Composer and filmmaker Christian von Borries takes us on a journey through musical history in the company of renowned pianist Jonathan Aner. We will hear the Winterreise, the Dichterliebe, Eisler, Heine, Jelinek, Marx, and Brecht. There is a tradition of shutting up one’s enemies by singing, be it under Metternich, Hitler, Waldheim, or Kurz.