steirischer herbst ’14
I prefer not to ... share!

Veronica Kaup-Hasler

Festival dates

Curatorial team
Chief Dramaturge & Curator: Kira Kirsch

Curator Visual Arts: Luigi Fassi

Music Dramaturge: Gerda Strobl

Dramaturge: Flori Gugger

Artistic Assistance: Johanna Rainer

Conference Programming: Christiane Kühl

“‘I prefer not to … share!’ If the steirischer herbst has to borrow from Hermann Melville’s dissident Bartleby for its 2014 leitmotif then it is because we are torn—between the knowledge that we need to share more and, at the same time, need to give up more, if we want to stop the richest and poorest on the planet from drifting even further apart. We know that we need to change our ways, to do an ethical reality check of our habits as consumers and the way we think about our children’s education and career paths. And we need to ask ourselves to what extent we are prepared to accept the consequences of our political convictions, even in our everyday lives.
If we were to sum up this year’s festival, the phrase would inevitably be ‘new departures’. We are setting out—in more ways than one—increasingly testing the limits. The programme is wide-ranging and richer than ever before.”
—Veronica Kaup-Hasler (original booklet translation)

With the leitmotif I prefer not to … share!, inspired by Hermann Melville’s refusenik Bartleby, steirischer herbst ’14 looked at the vexatious topic of sharing—from relinquishing, which is the prerequisite for a more just distribution of resources in the world, to the pressure to share on social media. The festival center was at Palais Wildenstein on Paulustorgasse, which had been transformed by the young Graz-based firms Supersterz and .tmp architekten into a Fortress of Backyards. This is also where the herbst exhibition curated by Luigi Fassi and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Forms of Distancing: Repräsentative Politik und die Politik der Repräsentation (Forms of Distancing: Representative Politics and the Politics of Representation), was presented. One highlight—perhaps the highlight of the entire history of the festival—was surely the border-blurring performance All Tomorrows Parties I + II by the legendary Needcompany (Grace Ellen Barkey and Jan Lauwers) for the opening at the Helmut List Halle.

After the reorganization of the steirischer herbst team the previous year, the outward appearance was also altered in 2014. For the final four years of Veronica Kaup-Hasler’s artistic direction, concentric circles in red on white would dominate the design of the poster and the program booklet. The events were no longer subdivided into theater/performance/dance, exhibition, and music; instead, visitors were encouraged to “browse” and “find.”

Even more than in previous years, steirischer herbst fanned out beyond Graz into the entire state of Styria. This included commissioned works by Heidrun Holzfeind and Tobias Putrih in Laafeld and Bad Radkersburg, an activation of empty shops in Wildon by the artist collective machina eX, concerts by Georg Nussbaumer in Stainz, and the project One to Oneby the pianist Marino Formenti, which took place in private spaces at various locations (including Graz, Stainz, and Bad Gleichenberg) and opened up new spaces for experiencing music beyond conventional concerts. At the MUMUTH of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the New York-based Nature Theater of Oklahoma presented the premieres of Episodes 4.5, 5, and 6 of their multipart performance project Life and Times.


Orpheus in der Oberwelt: Eine Schlepperoper

All Tomorrow’s Parties I + II

Nein, ich will! Eine Hochzeit für alle

Der eindimensionale Mensch wird 50

Gorkij Park 2

machina exkursion: Kingdom

Life and Times - Episodes 4.5 - 5 - 6

Shade Graz, 2014

A Párt – Die Partei – The Party


Fortress of Backyards

Werkstatt Fahrradküche / Verein DruckZeug

Das herbst-Vehikel


One to One / One for the road


Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer?

Straight White Men

Victory Smoke

Ein weststeirischer Wasserfall

Rabot 4-358



Kartografie II (Bad Gleichenberg)

You’re not the same, Batman!


An Elegy to the Medium of Film

Forms of Distancing


Dort wo unsere Sprache endet, komme ich jeden Tag vorbei

Druot, Lacaton & Vassal – Tour Bois le Prêtre

The Militant Image

Hacking the Present

Ronald Jones and Elio Montanari

ordinary freaks

Parallel Borders 1

Am Südrand

Zum Verzehr

Never Neverland

Routine Inspection

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri



Jacco Gardner

Black Cracker



No Fear of Pop

Rafael Aragon

Großer Abschluss

The Enclave

Der Zukunft des Radios auf der Spur

Let’s merry-go-round!

musikprotokoll gehört gehört

Sounding Servers

Un concert grandiose

Personal Soundscapes - konfrontationen 5

Wir werden 40!

Meisterhafte Klangziseleure

Schnelle Schnecken und träge Tanzfliegen

1914/2014: Gebirgskriegsprojekt revisited

They finally come together!


Kleiner Pelz StrichCode Suada

herbst remixed

monochrom #35 – Sonne Busen Hammer 18

Akademie der Asozialität

Researching the Militant Image

Life and Times, Episodes 9&10. Come and Dance!

Utopische Gemeinschaften. Verweigerung, Teilhabe und anarchistische Praxis

Teilhabe, Teilen, Geteilt-Werden: Codes und Scripts des Ambivalenten

Acid Arab

Festival opening

26.09., 7:30 pm
Helmut List Halle
Grace Ellen Barkey / Jan Lauwers / Needcompany (BE)
All Tomorrow's Parties I + II


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Camera Austria

Dom im Berg

Festivalzentrum Paulustorgasse

Festivalzentrum im Stadtpark Graz

Forum Stadtpark

Forum Stadtpark, Grazer Stadtgebiet

Gasthof Wilder Mann, Wildon


Grazer Kunstverein

HDA - Haus der Architektur Graz

Heimatsaal im Volkskundemuseum



Kulturzentrum Schloss Wildon, Festivalzentrum Paulustorgasse, Blendend

Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten

Kunsthaus Graz / Space 04


Logo Jugend.Info, Murinsel


Musikpavillon Bad Gleichenberg


Pavelhaus / Pavlova hisa

Schaumbad-Freies Atelierhaus Graz

Schauplatz Kornberg im Meierhof zu Kornberg

Schauspielhaus Graz / Ebene 3

Schlossplatz Stainz, Pfarrkirche Stainz

Stadtgebiet Wildon

Union Schützengesellschaft Bad Radkersburg, Kulturzentrum Schloss Wildon, Antoniuskirche

Zollamt Bad Radkersburg

esc medien kunst labor


Program booklet of steirischer herbst 2014: steirischer herbst festival gmbh, steirischer HERBST (Graz: 2014)

steirischer herbst festival gmbh, herbst. Theorie zur Praxis (Graz: 2014)

→  Available here

steirischer herbst and Florian Malzacher (eds.), Truth is concrete. A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2014)

→  Available here

Stefano Collocelli Cagol, Luigi Fassi and Steirischer Herbst (ed.), Forms of Distancing. Representative Politics and the Politics of Representation (Milan: Mousse Publishing, 2014)